Thursday, November 26, 2009

Upgrade of the Captain's Flight Instruments

A failure of one of my 19" CRT monitors for the Captains flight instruments has made me finally fit an LCD screen for this purpose. With the flat surface of the LCD screen, it means that the panel with cutouts for the gauges fits much more nicely. I had already machined some thin bezels to fit into the cutouts but, now that I have the opportunity, I think I'll make these again and alter the depth that they protrude through the panel cutouts. They can then virtually touch the surface of the LCD which will make the gauges look much more like they are 'real' gauges.

One of the problems with changing the monitors however, is that they mount in a totally different manner and the heights are totally wrong now, but with a bit of trickery I've fitted the LCD screens upside down and inverted the display coming from the video card.

And here's the end result with the front panel put back on again:

Because of differences in the size of the old monitor and the new one, I've temporarily had to remove the Speed Selector Knob, which accounts for the small hole on the left side of this photo. Strictly speaking this should actually be positioned at the top right of the gauge, but that would put it right in the middle of the new LCD screen! A solution will be found for this later on.

There will also (shortly) be two new bezels made so as to finish this panel.

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