Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Making the Fire Handles

Just in case my ATR72 simulator has an engine fire, I thought it'd be a good idea to finish off the Engine Fire panels on the overhead ...

I machined the base section of the handle from some 8mm thick clear acrylic which I then painted with a couple of light coats of red paint. The upper section of the handle is actually made from two 3mm thick red transluscent acrylic, and then I engraved the lettering into the top layer, which my son 'in-filled' with white paint. It turned out great, and I am very pleased with it.

The engraving on the brown panel was done in a different manner, so that it can be back-lit. The panel is made from white (opal) acrylic, and then the surface and edges were painted with brown paint. When the paint had dried and hardened up after a few days, I then engraved the lettering into the suface. This is done to the depth of 0.2mm, which of course goes through the paint and into the white acrylic underneath. Now, when I put white LEDs or small 'grain of wheat' lamps on the back, the light shines through the lettering creating the back-lighting.

Ultimately there will be some high-intensity red LEDs fitted inside the handle, which will light up the whole handle whenever there is an engine fire. The shaft is a short length of 1/4" brass rod. Yes, I will bore a hole down its centre for the LED wires when I fit them!!!

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